What we do

  • We help young people fall in love with science
  • We are the only South African manufacturer of educational, portable science kits for use by learners at home or school so they can perform science experiments themselves
  • We make science concepts come to life, fun and unintimidating
  • We build the confidence a child needs to pursue a science career
  • We are an award winning educational portable science kit provider
  • We make school curriculum aligned portable science kits for use by young people at home and school so they can be inspired, fall in love with science and excel in it.
  • We also do science demos or shows at schools in a fun but informative matter and wish a dash of humour. This makes a great way of encouraging learners to start doing and enjoying science experiments.

What Inspires Us?

It is not right for any student to do science experiments for the first time when they get to university, yet thousands of learners find themselves in this position. This is a personal experience, and we do not want anyone to go through it because they should not.

Our Story

When I was 16 years old I came to the knowledge my future as I imagined it, was never going to happen and it wasn’t my fault. I was capable but dis-empowered. High school didn’t prepare me for university education. I only got to do science experiments for the first time when I got to university, and because of that, I lost my confidence and didn’t do well enough to get into medical school. Unfortunately thousands of learners go through this experience every year and this is no right! 

When life dishes you lemons, you make lemon juice, this eventuality defined my new purpose in life. I couldn’t become a doctor, but I now have an opportunity to prepare and help others become the scientists they aspire to be through ChemStart. ChemStart is a portable science kit that makes science fun and come to life. It provides hands on interaction with science concepts and their application in real life



  • Techwomen 2018 participant (Exchange program to San Francisco in USA)
  • Finalist: Regional Business Women Award- Emerging Entrepreneur Category
  • SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards 3rd prize winner, 2017
  • SAB Foundation Social Innovation Audience Choice Award, 2017
  • Spark International Audience Choice Award, 2017
  • SA's Top 20 Small Business and Entrepreneurship award, 2016
  • Total Startupper of the Year, 2016

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